It has been lovely to hear all of the positive feedback from everyone enjoying our challenge, but just as enjoyable has been hearing about your ideas . . .

We look forward to reading about the way you have developed your own ideas around this theme and below are just a few that we would like to share with all of you. I am sure that once you get going on this challenge you too will be equally inspired to create new and exciting ways of having fun. So please email and let us know.

Our favorite part was when we had a back to front day, we had supper for breakfast, breakfast for super, dinner for lunch and a mad hatters tea party for Dinner, everyone had to come with their clothes on inside out or on back to front - it was a brilliant day's fun!

We painted our own tea cups and saucers for the tea party and baked jam tarts - would recommend it to anyone! We also set out jugs of Ginger cordial and plates of marmite sandwiches, and marked them eat me, drink me, and said nothing about them at all, it was hilarious when every so often you heard an almighty YUCK!!! It was so funny! Having marked them eat me etc, they couldn't resist!

We also set a trail with the clues back to front, so they had to use a mirror to read them (Through the looking glass) - though this year we intend to make badges and they have to use mirror writing to write their names on them.

The funniest part of the tea party was that we had a rule that the girls could only take a bite or a drink every time that Alice (Leader in charge) did - it made for a real giggling session! The girls also made up most of the tea party themselves by baking jam tarts, making ham & pineapple on sticks, and making sandwiches, so that took the hassle out of making the food for the leaders too and the girls enjoyed it, and because they made them themselves they ate everything in sight!!!

Cheshire Cat hunt – I printed 16 cat ‘cards’ onto an A4 piece of card, each numbered 1-16 and with a different name. I blutaked the cards around our hall before the girls came in (visible if you looked, but not obvious). They then worked in teams to try to find all the cats and write down their names.

Catch the Dormouse – the girls stood in a circle and were named around the circle (Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Alice, etc), so they all ended up in teams of three. A beanbag (dormouse) was put in the middle. One of the names was called out, plus a method of moving (eg walking, jumping, crawling, bunny hops, pigeon steps, etc). The girls of that name then had to move clockwise around the outside of the circle using that action. Meanwhile, the other two members of their team formed an arch (rabbit hole). The girls went through their arch and into the centre. The first person to grab the ‘dormouse’ gained a point for their team. Teams kept their own points. All of our girls really enjoyed this game – from the youngest to the oldest. The team with the greatest number of points wasn’t necessarily the winner, as most of them were fairly creative with some of the movements!

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