Here are just a few comments and positive feedback we have had so far

If you have enjoyed taking part in our 'Wonderland Challenge' or any of our 'Winter Wonderland' activities then please email and let us know.

First night back, 4 newbies joining the unit,...nervous? me? yep! Really needn't have worried! The challenge was really well received and the Guides loved the pretty badge (was great to have them in hand to show them as they are even better in real life than they are in the thumbnail - they were soooo motivated by the design). I've laminated the challenge sheets for each patrol to keep in their patrol boxes and l can see that they are going to be treasured too. Well done for putting this together.
Guide Leader

Gorgeous badge and I love the challenge!
Ranger Leader – London

Just wanted to let you know that our Wonderland Adventure Division event was a great success and to pass on the thanks from all our Guiders. Your ideas were inspirational. We managed to get some inflatable pink flamingos which made the croquet race really interesting. I am here looking at a flock of them in my study and wondering what to do with them. Do you know of anybody else doing this in the near future? We had Mad Hatter races, a great tea party and used several other of your ideas. From all of us in Wembley thank you very much for thinking of broadcasting your ideas - a great theme.
Wembly Division Commissioner

I for one thoroughly recommend the challenge, it was just the right length to fit into my rainbow sleepover and they had a smashing time!
Rainbow leader in Southampton

I have just shown this challenge to my post-BP Award Guides - they think it's fab! We are going to let the Patrols use it like a go-for-it during Patrol time, with the older girls organizing a 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' evening for them to